NEWS UPDATE: wcpt conference 2017
Gerard has been invited to participate in the 1st Focused Symposium on Men's Health Physiotherapy at WCPT2017 in Cape Town.
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Expert Pelvic Health Physio:

Fiona Carter is our new female and male pelvic health physio specialist who has worked extensively in the West Midlands.
Fiona is a specialist in both female and male pelvic health physiotherapy. She has worked locally in the West Midlands both in the NHS and also in the BMI Edgbaston and Priory hospitals, leading their pelvic health physiotherapy service and previously their musculoskeletal service.

Like many others in our Harborne clinic, Fiona also has a solid musculoskeletal background having completed the nationally and internationally recognised MACP course. Fiona has also completed many post grad courses including those run by our UK professional body the POGP amd particpates in many specialist physiotherapy conferences and summits. Fiona has also taken part in research in relation to the therapy input to a national clinical research trial for MAPS (Men After Prostate Surgery).

Fiona is also one of the few specialist pelvic health physiotherapists to train as a post-natal coach with a close friend of Harborne Physio, the wonderful Jenny Burrell (Burrell Education) and is an Hollistic Core Restore(R) coach. Fiona brings a huge level of specialist post natal rehab expertise to our clinic.

Fiona’s work in The BMI Priory and BMI Edgbaston has allowed her to work alongside some of the West Midland’s and UK’s top specialists in Uro-Gynaecology, Obstetrics, Urology and also in Orthopaedics & sports medicine. Fiona is well thought and highly respected by all of the West Midlands consultants.

Fiona is passionate about helping women and men on their individual journeys to achieve their personal goals and the excellent quality of life which we all so deserve, through both their treatment and advising the individual on key health messages to help improve their lifestyle and well being.

She can treat women from antenatal to post natal, rectus diastasis, stress and urge incontinence, women who present with prolapses, pre and post gynaecological surgery, pelvic pain and women from peri through to post menopause.

Like our colleagues, Gerard and Lisa, she also treats men with urinary incontinence, pre and post prostate/urological surgery and pelvic pain. She is only one of a handful of UK Physiotherapists who treat female and male pelvic health.

When not working she enjoys a variety of sporting activities and the outdoor life. Fiona says "I couldn't be more excited about working with Gerard and his team in Harborne, and the other West Midlands clinics, and helping even more women and men."