NEWS UPDATE: wcpt conference 2017
Gerard has been invited to participate in the 1st Focused Symposium on Men's Health Physiotherapy at WCPT2017 in Cape Town.
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athletic biomechanics:

Gemma competes at CrossFit at a national level and is an active member Second City CrossFit here in Birmingham. Gemma is highly regarded by her peers as an exceptional sports, lifting and CrossFit physiotherapist.
Gemma and Gerard have worked together since the early days of the clinic and have also taught together as Gemma has lots of expertise in sports injuries and taping techniques. Gemma is a high level CrossFit athlete and there are few UK based physios who know CrossFit better. CrossFitters and other athletes travel great distances to see her.

Previously with APOS Therapy, Gemma also has extensive expertise in lower limb biomechanics in particular with runners and triathletes. Gemma is also an expert in spinal assessment and in particular is very skilled at settling those nasty back and neck problems quickly. A top UK sports and musculoskeletal physio and we are glad to have her as part of the Barefoot team.