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highly skilled musculoskeletal and sports physiotherapist:

Suhail is brilliant and highly skilled musculoskeletal and sports physiotherapist a product of Bradford University.
Suhail is brilliant and highly skilled musculoskeletal and sports physiotherapist having graduated from Bradford University. Suhail understands sports injuries and what it takes to play and compete as he is a keen footballer playing to a high standard himself. In addition to exceptional hands-on physiotherapy skills, he is highly trained in acupuncture and has great hands-on soft tissue skills also. A top rehab physio also he will get you back where you want to go whether it’s getting back working pain free to enjoying family time pain free to training or competing, he is your go to Physio. Outside of the football field Suhail can also be found in the pool where he also trains. This also gives him extensive insight into shoulder related and upper limb conditions especially those that are tricky to resolve.

Suhail loves to travel and recently did some overseas charitable work in a small rural area of South Africa and he plans to do more of this work. Like all of the Physiotherapists who work with Gerard in Barefoot he has a deep understanding of multi-culturalism, diversity and inclusivity and he feels his travelling has enriched this.

On a personal front he loves spending time with his friends and family and as you’ll see in the photos his two adorable cats who also keep him moving and on his toes!

More than just your physio; Suhail is a fellow sports enthusiast and is here to help you get back on your feet and feeling your best, working together to get you moving and living your best life!