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originally published: January, 2016

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Faecal Incontinence (Pooing your pants) and Physiotherapy (& Unicorns)!

A User's Guide

pooping unicorns

Faecal incontinence or other bowel problems like constipation, rectal prolapse, haemorrhoids, leaking gas, rectal pain (literally a pain in the bum!) are conditions that have a major impact on people’s lives. We don’t like to discuss anything bowel related and it can huge implications on work, normal activities like leaving the house, relationships. Faecal incontinence where you lose bowel control can ruin lives if it isn’t managed.

What Causes Fecal Incontinence
Fecal incontinence has many causes, including

  • Diarrhoea
  • Constipation
  • Pelvic Floor muscle damage or weakness
  • Nerve damage
  • Childbirth by vaginal delivery
  • Haemorrhoids and rectal prolapse

There is some great information on this website


comedy poo

How can I get help with Fecal Incontinence?
The good news is that there are specialist nurses and Physiotherapists (Pelvic Health Physiotherapists) who are both very skilled at managing and treating this condition in a sensitive and understanding way.

What does a Specialist Pelvic Physiotherapist do for Fecal Incontinence?
Of all the conditions these people treat they have huge impact on your condition and may just give you your life back by dramatically improving your quality of life.  They will look at your diet, general health, level of exercise as all of these have are important. They will also look at how well your pelvic floor, breathing and abdominal muscles are working and how well they are working together. A really great resource for self-help and to give an insight into this is the work of our great friend Sue Croft from Australia



bristol stool chart

Your treatment may also involve some specialised muscle rehab called biofeedback. If you think of a runner who has weak leg muscles, sometimes those muscles need some extra help to get stronger. Here’s some information on it that shows it can be really effective.


Your Physio will ask questions about your stools (Not the IKEA ones in the kitchen) .Finally your physio will check how you are pooping. Yes you read that correctly. Check this funky video, behind the comedy is a powerful message.


pooping unicorns

For Health Professionals
A fantastic and detailed podcast by the Pelvic Podcast team, Antony Lo and Lori Former

Where can I find a Specialist Physio for Faecal Incontinence?
Due to the specialist training it can be difficult to locate one. This is a service we don’t provide in our Specialist clinic but we do recommend seeing our friend and colleague Annette Woodward  located in Solihull, West Midlands  who is one of the UK’s leading Physios in this area. She is fantastic and will do her best to change your life and free you from the restrains of faecal incontinence.


break free

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