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originally published: July, 2016

birmingham health physiotherapy
What happens on a Dr Ruth Jones ( PhD) Athletic Pelvic Floor & Pelvis Course?

Answer: A Lot

Dr Ruth Jones is one of only a few Physiotherapists worldwide who combines working in both female and male pelvic health with working in elite sport on pelvic dysfunction. She is one of those few people who have experience working with elite  athletes including footballers, Rugby players, dancers , triathletes, military personal to include performing internal (vaginal/rectal)  pelvic examination and treatment.  Ruth’s initial musculoskeletal background including being a founder of Kinetic Control enables her to manage pelvic presentations with a combined Musculoskeletal, sports medicine, pain education and pelvic health approach. The combination of high level  MSk and pelvic floor skills allows a more comprehensive assessment and treatment. She is a strong and vocal advocate of getting MSk & Sports physios looking at treating the pelvic floor and Pelvic physios treating the spine. She also works hard to get more male physios involved in pelvic health.

Dr Ruth Jones’ website

ruth barefoot

Course Emphasis
The emphasis of this course is for participants to become skilled at seeing a range of elite to recreational sporting   pelvic presentations. A lot of these patients will previously have had very good quality physiotherapy and rehab to the hip, groin , Lumbar spine area by their own Physio or clinician but they remain symptomatic . This course will focus on enabling you to add specialist pelvic floor skills to their further management. The September 2016 course in Birmingham booked up in 3 weeks so there will be a second one in October Ruth’s October 2016 UK Athletic Pelvic Floor course

Theory Sessions
The initial theory sections will focus on the male & female pelvic floor anatomy in relation to function, load bearing role, stability,  urinary, bowel & sexual function  and what can go wrong related to sport and exercise. This will be supported by real case studies  from patients that Ruth has worked with from premiership football, rugby,running and the MOD. There will also be an overview of the key studies that have looked at pelvic floor dysfunction in sport, key conditions and sports involved and evidence for effectiveness.

Ruth will also address how to introduce the prospect that an internal vaginal / rectal or both will be involved with a sports person. The NIH Pelvic Pain questionnaires and the Stanford Pelvic Pain questionnaires are useful here to highlight to the patient  and their physio or medic that there is a strong suspicion of a pelvic floor component to their presentation.

gemma 2

What will the practical Labs be:
Ruth is very experienced at teaching internal pelvic examination and treatment to those with a spectrum of experience. There is a strong emphasis on practical skills and the  practical labs will focus on

  1. Colorectal health in Sport
  2. Urinary Incontinence in sport, female in particular but male will also be covered
  3. The cycling or Tri Athlete Pelvis:
    1. Pudendal neuralgia
    2. Pelvic Pain
    3. Erectile Dysfunction
    4. Female sexual health
  4. Pelvic Pain in Male ( Football, rugby etc ) & Female  ( Runners, gymnasts  etc)
  5. Pelvic Floor dysfunction in Elite Dance Medicine to include hypermobility and it’s impact on pelvic function
  6. EZ Magic ( Wands ) Practical session allowing delegates to gain experience and expertise in using the EZ Magic.



There will also be a Musculoskeletal lab covering key lumbar spine/ hip treatment concepts such as spinal manipulation and mobilisations with movement. This session will also address the role of referred spinal pain in pelvic pain presentations.  This session will also look at how the pelvic floor can be influenced by spinal manipulative and manual therapy which is an exciting new frontier in pelvic pain research.

EZ Magic

Ruth explaining how to use an EZ Magic

What will people take home from this course ?

  1. Detailed insight into the role of the Pelvic floor in sport and what goes wrong and what are common conditions and clinical patterns.
  2. How to structure a pelvic floor assessment in elite and recreational sport
  3. Develop confidence and confidence at rectal and vaginal assessment and relate these to common colorectal, pelvic pain, urinary conditions.
  4. Develop skills to treat complex pelvic floor conditions in a sporting population
  5. Upskill or refine spinal & hip treatment skills
  6. Become competent to provide specialist pelvic floor skills in sport

Big thanks to Salaso, iMedicare & Elgnia & yesyesyes for supporting these courses.

Come and join us for two  days that will change your practice

October 2017 Athletic Pelvic Floor Course

naqi sports picture

Gerard Greene (MSc Manip Physio)

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