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originally published: September, 2016

birmingham health physiotherapy
Jo Millios Sexercise: Physio & Male Sexual Health

Jo Millios Knows Don't Argue

ISCP Talk : Friday 23rd September 2016 (Dublin Ireland) 

Coombe Hospital,Dublin,Ireland
An amazing informative 2 hour talk by Jo begun with the acknowledgement of the significant part played by WCPT 2015 in her journey and the support offered by people such as Dr Emma Stokes, Peter Dornan, her brother (Urologist) and all her patients. A couple of men Jo saw this week: 

S….:  Peyronie’s US and retn of intimacy with his wife

J…. : Prostate Cancer. Loss of libido & wife & hapiness. Exercise prog and found some mates 

Listen to the guys and how can we help them. 


Some facts
Men live  5 years less
“MH is 30 years behind”  WH Pauline Chiarelli 2011,  Now? 15 years behind

Male mortality 
“Most diseases preventable but men wait until a crisis occurs”
Cardio Vascular: less me time , less  exercise, sedentary work, less sleep 
Waist circumference : men shouldnt be greater 94 cm. Get an Ikea tape and measure yourself 
Civilisation syndrome: smoking, alcohol, stress etc
67% men over weight
Every 16kg weight gain: lose 2.1cm 
Phys activity :less ED, better sperm mob

Ireland:60% male cancers, high incid prostate cancer
40% couple infertility is male
Depression & anxiety 1 in 8 men 
Any penile dysfunction linked to loss of masculinity 

Penis Facts
Small penis anxiety 45% of men 
85% woman happy with partners penile length 

Some Prostate Cancer  Facts
1 in 7 men
1 in 2 if +ve family history
1 in 4 if associated breast, ovarian, uterine 

At risk men: check from 35 years of age
Ask re family history

What can Physios do to help at First Contact? 

Recommended Tests 
PSA Guidelines

Gleason Score 

Prostate Cancer Diagnosis


” Triple C”
Work, women & wine change

Cancer, Continence, Coitus , 
Post Radical Prostatectomy

98% Incontinent 98% full revovery (Perth , Australia) 
68 -100% Erectile Dysfunction (only 22% recover) 60 + ( only 15%)

70-80 % of men post RP 
Advice ( condom, bladder emptying pre coitus)
PFME helps 

Pelvic Floor Retraining
12 weeks ideal 
Start 6/52 pre op

Explaining Erectile Dysfuntion to Men
Use the sea sponge as an example
Loss of house keeping erections (1500 per year)

Types of Dysfunction
1. ED & changes to penile length
2. Penile Pain
3. Post Prostatectomy Regret ”sexual bother” 

What is Penile Rehab by Jo Millios.
See the next blog 

Gerard Greene Men’s Health Physio
To make a Men’s Health Physio Appointment in Perth Australia 😎: 

Perth Australia 

(Google Jo Millios)

West Midlands UK 



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