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originally published: October, 2016

birmingham health physiotherapy
Mummy MOT in Birmingham

with Fiona Mitchell


The Mummy MOT
With Fiona Mitchell at Birmingham Pregnancy, Post Natal & Women’s Health Physiotherapy Clinic, Barefoot Yoga Studio, Harborne, Birmingham.


Why do we deliver the MOT?
Fiona Mitchell 
is a very experienced Pregnancy & Post natal physiotherapist Fiona was one of the 1st UK physios to be trained by Maria Elliot to deliver the Mummy MOT. Fiona feels that women deserve better care and shouldn’t accept that some conditions postnatal are normal as they aren’t.


Fiona can help you at the beautiful Barefoot Yoga Studio if you:

  • Leak when you cough or run or play with the kids. This isn’t normal.
  • Have pain during sex or are concerned about having pain during sex. Sex post natally should be normal if not a bit rushed!
  • Are still having pelvic girdle pain or have developed low back pain. This shouldn’t be accepted as normal either.
  • Find you are constipated or your digestion really isn’t the same post natally. Constipation is not a friend of the pelvic floor.
  • Have a tummy gap or feel very weak in your tummy area. Good to get this sorted as it can also start to affect your pelvic floor and spine.


  • Having a baby is a busy time but self care is important and these are things that you shouldn’t accept as normal , the help is out there with Fiona, you’re a mum and you deserve to be well looked after to get back to normal activities pad, pain and worry free. Stress incontinence, wearing pads and leaking are embarrassing taboo subjects but can be treated quickly and effectively. Post natal pain and weakness can also affect what you do with the baby, other kids or your partner. These problems can also be sorted easily.

So what happens in a Mummy MOT?

  • In the Mummy MOT Fiona will focus on
  • Tummy gap
  • Pelvic Floor function
  • Pelvic and Low back check
  • Posture
  • Breathing

Who needs it?

  • We have no hesitation in being strong advocates for mums and say that every mum should have a Mummy MOT. Fiona sees women who are 6 weeks post natal to several years post natal and does amazing work with them all.




What do people say about the Mummy MOT and what Fiona does?

  • “Fiona is absolutely wonderful. She knows how to deal with sensitive and awkward issues with great kindness and humour. She has a fantastic whole body approach to women’s health issues with a deep understanding of the emotional issues that tend to go hand in hand with the physical. If you work with Fiona, you could not be in better hands. This woman is wonderful xxx” AD Patient.


How do we contact Fiona to make an appointment?
You can make an appointment via our website

Phone: 0121 2709480
Find us on Twitter @womenshealthfb


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