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originally published: January, 2017

birmingham health physiotherapy
Crossfit: Pelvic Pain so I can’t train or compete. What a pain in the ass but thankfully I got help 😱

Pain. Down There...

Pelvic Pain I Can’t train at Crossfit: What a pain in the ass!

Greg was a UK competitive cross fitter who trained and was a big part of his local box and competed for the club at local and national events. To keep loose and aid recovery he also did one session of yoga weekly . Aged 26 , self employed in a successful business with a good social network life was good for Greg but that was about to change. Within 6 months he was experiencing quite nasty rectal ( bum pain) lower abdominal pain and perineal pain (pain down there). He was experiencing discomfort on passing urine , painful bowel movement, weaker erection. Most distressing was the fact he hadn’t been able to train at Crossfit for several months due to increasing rectal pain and he was worried he would never get back to Crossfit in any capacity. Greg had seen a urologist and colorectal surgeon who assured him there was nothing wrong . Reassured that there was no cancer or anything needing surgery Greg took to the Internet for answers as at 26 something was wrong.


After some diligent work Greg found a pelvic pain forum and although it was mainly females their symptoms sounded a bit like his and repeated mention of ” An overactive pelvic floor” rang some alarm bells. He read “Headache in The Pelvis” and this made sense to him although he did seem much younger than the typical Pelvic pain patient. Why did he have all this pain for no reason. Could it have been the sports Physiotherapist he had seen ?? Since a teenager Greg had a very prounced pelvic tilt which never gave him any problems but someone suggested seeing a Physio for it as he was now competing at a national level and sorting his spinal position might give him an edge. Disaster , Greg was advised to always tilt his pelvis in the other direction and always to have his abdominals taut . He was also told to always tighten his pelvic floor muscles and butt muscles. Greg did this religiously even tightening hard on squatting and training. It felt quite unnatural to him and then one training session he had a massive rectal spasm and pain while squatting .

Male Pelvic Health Clinic , Birmingham , UK

Rather than accept it Greg got back on google and found our clinic that specialised in Men’s Heath Physiotherapy and pelvic pain. He also liked the fact that we specialised in MH but also crossfitters, Olympic weight lifters and body builders. One of our physios is a competitive CF so we have high level in house expertise.

After only 5 sessions of specialist pelvic treatment he was back at Crossfit and then back competing.

If you are a young or veteran crossfitter , olympic weightlifter, body builder  or athlete with those worrying pelvic symptoms be assured help is there for you and we will help you get your life and sport back.


Did we do anything about his curve, of course not  as there was no need but we got him back to Crossfit and quickly.

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Gerard Greene MSc Manip Physio, Specialist Male Pelvic Health Physiotherapis

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