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originally published: January, 2017

birmingham health physiotherapy
Male Pelvic Pain: From LA to Birmingham : Specialist Male Pelvic Physiotherapy will help you

Male Pelvic Pain: Specialist Male Pelvic Physiotherapy with us will help you

Huge thanks to 2 world leading pelvic pain physio specialists Stephanie Prendergast and Elizabeth Rummer for supporting us with our blog to help our reach more men with Pelvic Pain. Although based in Sunny California with clinics in San Francisco and Los Angelus both are very well known and respected in the UK and we have had lots of support from them in building our specialist male pelvic pain service which now sees men from all over the UK. Have a read of their blog on how typical male pelvic pain patients present and if this sounds like you get in touch with us at www.harbornephysio.co.uk



Link: Stephanie & Elizabeth's Male Pelvic Pain Blog

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