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originally published: April, 2017

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Movement Screening at Barefoot Physio Clinic

Movement Screening at Barefoot Physio Clinic

What is movement screening with The Barefoot Physios and why do I need to do it?
Screening movement is the process of creating a brief snapshot of someone's movement to determine their physical needs for their own personal goals and health aspirations. It can also help to identify problems and possible risk factors for injury.

Movement screening sets a baseline for effective treatment. If you are in pain with some movements you should be exercising with caution for some activities. If a screen identifies some problems, there are exercises you can do to improve and there are exercises that may hinder your progress. If we screen we know where you are before you start and can make decisions on the effectiveness of your training.

What does Stuart do? 
Stuart Elwell is a top international educator on the Functional Movement Screen and uses the Functional Movement Screen to determine appropriate exercise progression for all ages and to assist with return to competition after injury. The screen involves 7 body relative tests that takes less than 15 minutes to allow that snapshot of you movement profile to be determined. The screen will provide you with the information you need on your movement health, and programming advice for your health and wellness goals be they for elite performance or daily activity. Some clinicians take a quick look at your posture we go far beyond that and deep into how you move.

What are the 7 Tests that Stuart looks at ?

  1. The deep Squat
  2. Hurdle Step
  3. Inline lunge
  4. Shoulder mobility test
  5. Active Straight Leg Raise
  6. Trunk Stability push up
  7. Rotary Trunk Stability

Check them out here

Check out the movement tests we do

Who will benefit from a Movement screen with Stuart?
The Functional Movement Screen is used in elite sport and by elite athletes to determine movement baselines as part of a risk reduction strategy. It is being used at younger age groups in the UK to determine movement health in adolescence and in elderly populations to determine movement health and falls risk. At Barefoot Stuart uses it on a range of patients and especially lots of all of our fit and active kids and teens. He is also popular with all the yogis aiming for better and deeper performance and all our triathletes , cyclists , runners , lifters and weekend warriors.

Unsure about what exercises you should be doing to foster good movement health? Whether you’re looking to keep active or are planning on your own fitness goals a movement Screen will show you what you need to do to reach your goals

To book for your screen with Stuart

To Book a Movement Screen with Stuart

or drop us an email at gerard@greenephysio.co.uk

Sturat Elwell (Specialist Physiotherapist in Movement Screening & Biomechanics )

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