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originally published: May, 2018

birmingham health physiotherapy
300 mile round trip for male pelvic pain but worth it to see Lisa Hastie .

300 mile round trip for male pelvic pain but worth it to see Lisa Hastie .

300 mile round trip for male pelvic pain but worth it to see Lisa Hastie.  

I’m a 65 year old male suffering from Prostatitis. My Prostatitis was so bad, I could not sit down, to watch television, work on my computer, or drive. I’d gone 3 months eating all my food standing up, and was running such a high temperature I could not sleep. I had never been so ill in all my life and my GP had no answers to the problem.  Finally after many hospital visits the urologist I saw told me to find a ‘good’ physiotherapist as my pelvic muscles were ‘in lockdown’ and was the cause of my problem.

I was lucky that a local physiotherapist, Daniel Jones in Cardiff knew about the work done at Birmingham Men’s health Physio clinic and directed me there.  

I have seen Lisa Hastie on most of my visits to Harborne. She has been brilliant and so positive. To tell me at the initial consultation after a pelvic muscle assessment that she knew exactly what the problem was and what we were going to do ‘were the best words I could have heard’. She has since developed an exercise programme specific to my needs which I can also do at home.

The exercises were gentle in the first weeks and have gradually increased in intensity after every visit (a 300 mile round trip from West Wales) and although only part way through my treatment I am feeling so much better, my symptoms all but disappeared.  

Thank you Lisa and Gerard you have certainly turned my life around.  

T.A.W ( South Wales )    

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