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originally published: July, 2019

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Life After Excision Surgery for Endometriosis – What happens next?

Life After Excision Surgery for Endometriosis – What happens next?

I have had two excision surgeries to treat my endometriosis after years of living with chronic pelvic pain. The first one was in December 2016 and the second July 2018. The first surgery relieved most of my daily, debilitating pain. When I started to experience abdominal swelling and extreme pain in June 2018 I was scared and confused. I had been living a relatively normal and pain free life. I had been treated by a specialist, I was not expecting to find myself in A and E due to pelvic pain. My endometriosis symptoms hadn’t returned, the pain was caused by adhesions. had them removed and my ovaries suspended during my second surgery. The recovery was tough, a lot harder than I expected. The fatigue was overwhelming. I took time off from work to properly recover. After a few months I was still having difficulties with my mobility. Whilst the extreme pain was gone, I was left with a different kind of pain. Walking, sitting, moving, driving, using the toilet and having sex was now painful, in a way that I hadn’t experienced before.


I didn’t feel I had the right to complain. All my organs were in tact and mostly healthy, my endometriosis hadn’t returned and yet I felt like I had swapped one pain for another. I didn’t feel the same relief as I had after the first surgery. After my first surgery I was able to properly exercise for the first time in my life, I was the healthiest and fittest I’d ever been. I felt this second surgery had taken my vitality along with the pain.

I sought out physiotherapy. Whilst I understood my pain was very much physical, I knew for sure it was not endometriosis related. I trust my surgeon 100% and recommend him to others with endometriosis. I knew I had received the best possible care. The first physio I saw did not understand endometriosis and recommended I get pregnant to ‘flush out’ all the endometriosis and remove my pain. Even though sex was painful and difficult for me. After two appointments I left after handing her a leaflet on the ten myths of endometriosis.

Then I called Harborne Physiotherapy and acupuncture Clinic. I spoke to Gerard on the phone and he made an appointment for me with Sundeep. I was apprehensive before my first appointment, after my previous experience. Sundeep listened to me, asked questions to get a good understanding of my experience, she was kind and patient. Most importantly she provides treatment that is informed by an up to date evidence base. She understood endometriosis, the difference between excision and ablation surgery and she knew what to do to help me get better. I saw her for an hour a week to begin with. She gave me exercises to do at home and I saw her for internal work. She was gentle and explained everything before she did. She explain that many women with chronic pelvic pain have a very tight pelvic floor and muscles are often in spasm. She found the trigger points and released the tightness. It wasn’t a pleasant experience but it also wasn’t painful. She told me where I could buy a wand so that I could learn to help myself at home.

If I ever need to have more surgery I know I won’t hesitate to see Sundeep again. Physiotherapy should be recommended for everyone living with endometriosis, whatever treatment has been received. It’s such an overlooked form of treatment and can make such a difference in quality of life. Not having to explain my condition or correct a healthcare professional meant I could focus on getting better. Sundeep is compassionate along with being an expert in treating pelvic pain.



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