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originally published: July, 2015

birmingham health physiotherapy
My experience at the 1st Women’s Health Physiotherapy summit 2015


I was introduced to this summit by none other than my fabulous supervisor Dr. Emma Stokes. I have shared with her about my clinical interest in Women’s health and here I am! After given the best advice, I took the opportunity to take part in the the first Women’s health summit in Birmingham organised by Gerard Greene!

As a postgraduate student, and also bearing in mind that this is the first Women’s health summit, I really do not know what to expect from this summit and was merely putting on my learning and thinking cap all the time!

I read about the presenters and basically almost all the information on Facebook at least a week prior to the event so that I could make the best out of this event. I was definitely thrilled that my questions were being answered either during the formal discussions with the presenters or informally during our tea breaks.

You can never believe how fast the day flew by, how optimally intensive the discussions and presentations were. So meaningful and very relevant to our clinical practice. Many discussions just open up my mind to new horizon of treatments for my patients. I should say that this summit is a necessary platform for further discussions on improving our current practice despite the years of experience one has. I believe that there will be at least one learning point for all that trigger us to review our knowledge and clinical skills for the better of our patients.

At the end of a day of a nourishing summit is only the beginning to greater learning and acquisition of more knowledge possibly not only enhanced by the presentations and conversations that we had but also from the prizes that some received from the raffles!


I am fortunate to receive a “book of knowledge” contributed by Kari Bo, and how else can I be thankful but to make sure that I use the book to my advantage to work with my patients and continue to be inspired by clinicians around the world who are making physiotherapy in Women’s health a greater success. I wish that the summit was longer but I think I should look forward to the next summit that we all are able to meet again instead!

Mauricette Lee
Mauricette is a Physiotherapist from Singapore who is currently doing a PhD in Trinity College Dublin, Ireland and attended the Women’s Health Physiotherapy Summit in West Midlands UK  ( 4/7/2015)

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