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originally published: February, 2016

harborne physio & acupuncture news
Men's Health Physiotherapy Clinic

Men have pelvic floors too!
We have been very fortunate at Barefoot to meet and work with leading Men's Health Physios like Joanne Millios (Australia) Maria Elliot (London) Dr Ruth Jones (Southampton) and Bill Taylor (Edinburgh). We are in the process of setting up a Post Prostatectomy Physiotherapy service and have been invited by the Prostate Support groups in Worcester and Solihull to speak about Pelvic rehab. Men have pelvic floors too! What does a men's health physio do, check out our blog as it goes through what we do for stress incontinence, erectile dysfunction and pelvic pain.

Barefoot will be one of only a handful of Men's Health Physio clinics in the UK and we are very excited about developing this service.
Link: Men's Health Clinic Information

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