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originally published: March, 2017

harborne physio & acupuncture news
Our Specialist Men's Health Physio Clinic is getting busy

Check out our what we are doing in the Men's Health physio clinic

Really big thanks to Graham for taking the time to do a blog about his pre and post op physiotherapy around his prostate surgery. Working and getting to know Graham has been a great experience for me and he has thought me a lot about the impact of prostate cancer and the challenges for patients of getting good quality information. Check out his blog below.

We are also seeing lots of men with Pelvic pain who are travelling from all over the UK to see us.

Great to also have some top professional footballers in the Men's health physio clinic .


Finally Gerard is still working in Dr Ruth Jones Hampshire clinic seeing lots of male pelvic pain patients with Ruth.


This week he was invited to attend the UK Pelvic pain society meeting in London. He will also be teaching with Ruth in early April on her "Athletic Pelvis & Pelvic Floor " Course in West Midlands. In July he is of to Cape Town to present at WCPT 2017 and to teach a Men's Health course for the South African Physiotherapy Society with Jo Millios from Australia. He has also been invited to teach the Athletic Pelvic floor course in Madrid with Ruth by one of Spain's top Physios . The teaching and travelling is great but our main focus is helping the men we see in the clinic as it is life changing work both for the men post prostate surgery who have incontinence and the pelvic pain patients who really struggle with nasty pain in those intimate areas.

Link: Graham's Prostate Surgery blog

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