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originally published: May, 2017

harborne physio & acupuncture news
Join us for Men's Health Week (June 12th-18th) :

Men's Health Week :

The clinic is very busy seeing lots of Male Pelvic pain patients who tend to present with Penile pain , pain in the perineum ( soft bit underneath ) , lower abdominal pain or rectal pain. These men also have pain on urination ( passing water ) , pain on sitting /driving and post ejaculatory pain and pain on having sex. It's brilliant that all of these men trust us with their care and we can do lots to help them and get them better.

We also see lots of men post prostate surgery who have urinary incontinence ( leaking urine ) post surgery and get erectile dysfunction. We also do great work with these men.

Lastly we see lots of very sporty guys who are referred to us from other physios and sports medicine consultants as they have groin pain or hip pain but also some pelvic floor involvement.

Thanks to our good friend and mentor Jo Millios ( @prostatejojo ) from Australia we are planning to use International Men's Health Week ( June 12-18th ) to promote how Men's health physiotherapy can help you've guessed it, Men.

What are we planning ?

We have been invited  by one of Birmingham's biggest GP clinics to do a presentation on Men's Health Physiotherapy .

We are planning some press releases with our Men's Health colleagues in Coventry University and it's brilliant to have them supporting Men's health.

We are also working with a big UK organisation to do some media work around how Physio can help men with Prostate cancer and also those with Pelvic Pain and hopefully , fingers and toes crossed it will come to fruition .

Working with the UK Pelvic Pain Support Network we will be doing  a Patient Education Podcast on Male pelvic pain whereby Karl Monahan and I will answer questions submitted by male pelvic pain patients.

Alongside this we are planning hard for the Men's Health Physiotherapy Course in South Africa in late June that we are teaching with men's health global superstar Jo Millios. We are doing the male pelvic pain component and Jo is doing the Prostate rehab component. After that we move to Cape Town for the WCPT 2017 conference where we have the 1st ever focused symposium on Men's health Physiotherapy.

We are super keen , passionate and enthusiastic about getting the message out there that Men's health matters and that Physiotherapy has a huge role to play.

If you would like to work with us on this in any capacity get in touch , " If a job or project can be done by one person it's not big enough"


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