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Gerard has been invited to participate in the 1st Focused Symposium on Men's Health Physiotherapy at WCPT2017 in Cape Town.
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originally published: August, 2017

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Teaching Ultrasound Imaging on the Mummy MOT course London

Teaching Ultrasound Imaging on the Mummy MOT course London

We are very excited to be teaching a one day Post Natal Mummy MOT  Ultrasound Imaging course  for Maria Elliott​ and her Harley Street Pelvic Health Group. Maria is one of the UK's leading Pelvic Health Physios and honoured to be asked to teach for her. Rectus Diastasis, linea alba stress response with loading,  functional pelvic floor rehab, breath re-education, abdominal rehabilitation and PF downtraining using Ultrasound Imaging. Last Saturday in September in central London , We will also cover how clinics can  utilise Ultrasound imaging to develop your clinic profile and business. We have a super reputation for our Mummy MOT service and are one of the few clinics using Ultrasound Imaging so it's great to now be part of the Mummy MOT teaching faculty.

Mummy MOT Ultrasound Imaging Course

Link: Mummy MOT Ultrasound Imaging Course

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