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originally published: April, 2018

harborne physio & acupuncture news
Edgbaston Priory: NCT & Friends Post Natal Rehab & Proscecco : Thurs 7th June ( 6.30-9pm )

NCT & Friends Post Natal Rehab & Proscecco :

If you work with post natal women or are a new or experienced mum or mum to be then join us.   We are hugely proud to be running another evening for the West Midlands NCT practicioneers & friends. If you are an NCT practicioneer, midwife, doula, pregnancy fitness professional or work with pregnancy & post natal women then join us.

We also welcome mums to be or mums who want to learn more about their post natal bodies whether new mum or more experienced mums. Speakers: Fiona Mitchell, Lisa Hastie & Sundeep Watkins Specialist Women’s Health Physiotherapists from Birmingham Women's Health Physio clinics, Barefoot Harborne, Barefoot Kings Heath & MUMS Solihull .  

Apart from Prosecco we will chat about !  
1. Checking for a Rectus Diastasis (tummy gap) and it’s management
2. Post Natal back and pelvic pain 3 Prolapse : Who's at risk
4. Getting back to post natal exercise
5 . The Mummy MOT Birmingham Women's Health Physio is now one of the most specialist Physiotherapy clinics in the UK with 3 locations and 7 pregnancy, post natal & Women's health physio specialists based in clinics at Barefoot Harborne and Kings Health and MUMS clinic Solihull.

They are also involved in the training of other physios in the UK and internationally.

We are excited that our colleagues from MUMS Solihull will also be joining us. Tickets are free but click to book   

Link: Free to attend but click to book

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