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originally published: May, 2018

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Sundeep ( Pregnancy, Post Natal, Women's Health Specialist ) on the BBC

Sundeep ( Pregnancy, Post Natal, Women's Health Specialist ) on the BBC

In the clinic we never tire of promoting the amazing work that specialist Pelvic health physiotherapy can do whether that is on the radio or other types of media.

Huge honour for Sundeep to be invited on to Radio Leicester yesterday ( 3-5- 2018 ) to discuss everything pelvic floor.  Sundeep is our award winning POPG ( UK Special interest group for all things pelvic health ) and she and Gerard have known each other for almost 15 years from their academic university work together. Sundeep works in the Harborne clinic and will soon lead on the new clinic at MUMS Solihull.

In only 10 mins Sundeep discussed issues such as urinary incontience , prolapse, weak pelvic floor , overactive pelvic floor, Menopause, pelvic pain, bowel problems relating to female patients. She also made a really important point that it's not just a case of "tighening your pelvic floor" because in many cases it needs to relax rather than strenghen and strengthening can make things worse. Sundeep also spoke about the male pelvic floor and why it can cause problems too especially post prostate surgery leading to urinary incontience and erectile dysfunction and how it can also become overactive. The clinic in Harborne has Lisa and Gerard who see a lot of male pelvic floor patients. Sundeep also emphasised the importance of getting some help from a specialist pelvic health physiotherapist if you are having problems and that although these problems are common they are definitely NOT normal.  

Sundeep and our other pelvic health physios do life changing amazing work to patients who see us from the West Midlands, East Midlands and different parts of the UK.   Check out her brilliant interview at approx 40 minutes into the podcast

Link: Hear Sundeep at 40 mins into the podcast

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