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originally published: May, 2018

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Sundeep : one of our top Women's Health Specialists: Women on Fire event Brighton

Sundeep : one of our top Women's Health Specialists: Women on Fire event Brighton

Our award winning Pregnancy, Post Natal & Women's health physio specialist Sundeep has been busy, on the BBC talking about Pelvic floor dysfunction, working with Endometriosis UK on promoting the importance of pelvic physiotherapy in this condition, helping Gerard market and plan the new MUMS clinic in Solihull and she was in Brighton for the Women on Fire 2018 conference. Here is how she got on...

Last weekend I was lucky enough to get to attend Women on Fire 2018. I wasn’t sure if it was going to be all about exercise – which is important but not the whole story when it comes to physiotherapy in women’s health. Anyway, I was not disappointed as it turned out to be a weekend full to the brim with lectures and workshops aimed at anyone working at delivering the best health care & wellness for women. Not just that, it was full to the brim with such positivity and energy that you could not help but to feel ready put it all into practice by the end of it.  

A great part of the experience was getting to talk & work with people from all sorts of professional backgrounds. This wasn’t just about learning together, (which is unusual if you’re a Physio like me, as most courses only have other physios attending) it was about the energy and passion of professionals who want to serve the needs of women. I got to talk to some great people and get a different perspective on how we can help each other serve clients better.  

The event was also great for focusing on how we need to look after ourselves whilst doing the work we love which was a real lightbulb moment for me to take some time for myself. It’s something that we are really not good at doing, giving ourselves permission to switch off. It’s a message that is really important for our clients but we really need to walk the talk to be able to help others to achieve self care.  

Some great sessions covered everything from hormones & nutrition to movement therapy & physical training, including a look at medical conditions and treatment for women at all stages of their lives. Michelle Lyons, Jenny Burrell who are the force behind the event were out there giving out ‘knowledge bombs’ in their sessions and were generous with their time in between sessions too. Also some key advocates and experts in their field such as, Jessica Drummond, Phil Richards, Jilly Bond, Fiona Rogers and our very own Jayne Hume delivered workshops on cutting edge ways to help women get fit & feel well. Keynote speakers included Dr Emily Splichal who encouraged us to get ‘gritty’ by not letting fear hold you back and Kath Sansom, the woman behind the ‘Sling the Mesh’ campaign who gave a moving and personal keynote talk on the effect of mesh when used in gynaecological surgeries. Two of the many inspiring ‘women on fire’ who were part of the weekend.  

At Harborne Physiotherapy I’m lucky to work with skilled people from all backgrounds including exercise professionals, psychologists and acupuncturists. My WOF 18 experience really shows that when professionals from different backgrounds work together and learn together they really set themselves up to serve our clients better.  


Link: To make an appointment to see Sundeep ( she's in demand )

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