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originally published: June, 2018

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Our New Pregnancy, Post Natal & Women's Health Clinic in MUMS Solihull

Our New Pregnancy, Post Natal & Women's Health Clinic in MUMS Solihull
We are so excited to be opening in The esteemed and well know medical obstetric clinic " MUMS Clinic " in Solihull. A stunning location in the centre of Solihull and we will be working closely with Miss Poonam Pradham who is one of the West Midlands top Gynaecological consultants. Check out the link below for details about MUMS and what we will be doing there. It will also allow us to serve the women of Solihull and it' surrounding areas and also Warwickshire. We will be delivering the MUMMY MOT and being in MUMS also gives us great access to doing lots of US scanning with our Diastasis or tummy gap patients and also to be able to do lots of pelvic floor rehab using ultrasound scanning. We will also see lots of ladies with pelvic girdle pain allowing them to better enjoy the joy of their pregnancy rather than enduring the pain associated with pelvic girdle problems. Sundeep will also see clients with a range of conditions from urinary leakage to pelvic pain to endometriosis and we will also specialise in pelvic health conditions related to the menopause and peri menopausal stages. Poonam will also be the only clinic outside of London to offer the Thermiva procedure . Lots of information in the link below.
Link: Us at MUMS clinic , Solihull
Link: Thermiva at MUMS Solihull

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