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originally published: August, 2018

harborne physio & acupuncture news
Kat: Our super new Pregnancy, Post Natal & Women's Health Physio (Evenings & yes Saturday mornings)

Great to have Kat join our team

Katerina (Kat) Hodenhova
Kat completed her master’s degree in physiotherapy in Charles University in Prague in 2004 and followed this by working in private practice in Prague.

In 2006 she decided to travel and to move to the UK and settled in Worcestershire. England is now home and she and her family love the Worcestershire lifestyle.

Kat is a very experienced Pregnancy, Post Natal & Women’s Health Physiotherapist and she adds to the strength of the team at the Harborne clinic. Gerard and Kat have known each other for several years as they met on some specialist post graduate courses and have kept in close contact since. They were always going to work together and it’s brilliant that Kat is now in a position to join the team.    

Like all of the physios at the Harborne, Kings Heath and Solihull clinics, Kat has completed many specialist pregnancy, post-natal and women’s health postgraduate courses. She has trained with some internationally recognised specialists such as: Dr Ruth Jones (UK), Teresa Cook (POGP, UK Specialist Physio group), Maria Elliot (Harley St London), Jenny Burrell (London) and Michelle Lyons (Ireland/USA). Like all of the Physio specialists at the clinic she hasn’t stopped there as despite her busy life as she has also delved deep into some further specialist training on treating the conditions associated with the menopause doing a '3rd Age Woman' course from Burrell Education. She is also another highly specialised Mummy MOT practioneer and will be delivering the Mummy MOT also in Harborne.  

Kat works with patients with urinary continence problems, prolapse symptoms, pelvic pain, painful intercourse, Bladder Pain Syndrome, pelvic girdle pain in pregnancy, perineal or C-section scar issues post-Nataly. Kat is also a keen athlete and uses this knowledge to also get women back training and competing post-nataly.

Kat is very passionate about strengthening and conditioning of women/mums of all ages and reconditioning after pregnancy and child birth. Her mission is to 'get mums strong'.  A busy and active lady she is also a member of a fitness group Slimmer Leaner Stronger in Worcester and trains 3-4 times a week. She also like being outdoors and enjoy cycling, hiking, swimming.  

We have waited a long time for Kat to join us and it’s brilliant she is now here. Kat will dramatically add to our ability to see more women who need us by doing several evenings and a Saturday clinic for those who find it difficult to attend during the day.

Link: To book to see Kat click on the link and follow to online booking

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