NEWS UPDATE: wcpt conference 2017
Gerard has been invited to participate in the 1st Focused Symposium on Men's Health Physiotherapy at WCPT2017 in Cape Town.
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originally published: October, 2018

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Menopausal Pelvic Health: Ask the experts: We need your questions for our vlog & Podcast

Menopausal Pelvic Health: Ask the experts: We need your questions for our vlog & Podcast
Menopausal Health : Ask the experts: Jane Lewis & Fiona Mitchell Jane Lewis is a pelvic pain advocate, founder of pelvic pain support groups, expert patient and has recently published " Me & My Menopausal Vagina " to wide acclaim keen to tackle the taboos surrounding this topic. Fiona Mitchell is an experienced female pelvic health physiotherapist here at our Harborne clinic in Birmingham and one of Fiona's special interests is the effect of menopause on female pelvic health and health & well being. Gerard Greene has experience at meeting pelvic health taboos head on and working as an advocate to get more clinicians and healthcare workers involved in these areas from paediatric & adolescent pelvic health to men's health to menopausal pelvic health. He is also a big supporter of various patient advocate groups. Jane , Fiona & Gerard will discuss issues relevant to pelvic health , general health and well being and the menopause but we need your help!!! Whether you are a healthcare professional, patient, partner, mother, daughter, relative or friend of someone who is struggling with  menopause related conditions or you want more information we would like you to submit some questions for our podcast and vlogs.  It will be recorded at our Harborne clinic in Birmingham on Thursday 18th October.   Questions via email or tweet via @womenshealthfb Thank you  
Link: Link to Jane's book

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