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originally published: October, 2018

harborne physio & acupuncture news
Highlights of September

Highlights of September

It's been a busy few weeks,

Gerard is back from teaching a Men's Health course in Japan and Lisa has been teaching on the role of yoga in female pelvic health. Fiona is busy preparing for her podcast on menopausal health with leading advocate Jane Lewis. Sundeep and Alina are looking forward to welcoming USA paediatric and adolescent pelvic health tutor Carina Siracusa who is doing some training with us. Natalie is off to do the Mummy MOT training with Maria Elliot in London which allows us to develop that service in our new Kings Heath clinic.

Kat has really helped develop our pregnancy and post natal service by offering a Tuesday evening and Saturday clinic which are very popular.

Konstantinos is back doing a full day and will see lots of our mums and pelvic health patients especially those who want to get back to sport and exercise. He is off on Maria's athletic pelvis course in London in January, also to see what is new.

Hugely honoured that Marta Kinsella of London, Harley St and Queens club has asked can she come and spend some time with us to see what we do in Barefoot. We said yesyesyes.

Sundeep has got really busy at MUMS Solihull and super to work with Mike ( Cons radiologist ) and Poonam ( Cons Gyane).

Big news is that the west mids top pregnancy massage clinician and pregnancy fit pro Jayne Hume is joining us to do a Friday pregnancy massage clinic. Starts Friday 26th October.  

We also have some amazing musculcoskeletal and sports physios at Barefoot. Lee and Beena have just started their masters and Gemma Parry is deep into her PhD of which we are all in awe. So pleased Gemma picked us to work with after she finished with GB Olympic Speed Skating. 

Jamie is busy working to help Birmingham City into the promised land of the premiership and Jess is just back from working with England at the Lacross Euros which they won.

Our biggest news is that Gemma Tomkinson has had a baby boy Hayden and all is well which is fabulous.

 If you want to see any of our brilliant physios get in touch or book online. We are always busy buy will make a huge effort to see you as soon as possible.


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