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originally published: February, 2019

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"All you think you don't know but need to know about Induction"

"All you think you don't know but need to know about Induction"

A Guest post by our super colleague Mandy at Barefoot Harborne, In the Pregnancy, Post-natal and Women’s health physio clinic we love having brilliant passionate people like Mandy to work with ensuring our mums get the best possible care.

Mandy Rees is a pre and post-natal yoga teacher and founder of Blossom Yoga and Wellbeing and is very passionate about informing women about their choices around birth. She is running a new workshop soon about Induction and here are some of the details. Well done Mandy & team.

One of the things about being pregnant and preparing for your baby's birth is that you don't know what you don't know until it's too late to realise that you should have known it.

Induction is one of the things that falls slap bang into that category. I have so many mums in my pregnancy classes that go for a scan towards the end of their pregnancy and are given an induction date. Many don't really understand what this means.

Their choices around being induced or whether they actually have to be induced are not fully explained and they are left feeling a little lost. There is not always understanding around whether it's a requirement or a choice and I see lots of anxiety and fear around this subject. I also see second and third time mums at my classes who are anxious about being induced during this pregnancy because their baby’s births have been induced at the end of their previous pregnancies and they didn't have the most empowering of experiences. They often feel that induction took their baby's birth out of their hands and something was done to them, rather than for them and for their baby.

It's for this reason that I've got together with two of my amazing doula friends and we're putting together an information/discussion evening for parents-to-be to inform about induction. I really would prefer that you had all the information you need in front of you before birth, rather than sitting there afterwards wishing that you had known certain things beforehand.

It's informal. It's informative. It's not swayed one way or another. I have a very balanced view around birth and choice and so do Kat and Florence. They've guided hundreds of women through birth and have first-hand knowledge of induction.

We want to inform you about the choices you have around this subject. What questions you need to ask to help you to make the right decision for you and your baby.

Induction may well be the right path for you. Wouldn’t it be lovely to feel certain that it is the right path? We all invest in our health. We invest in our weddings, holidays, etc. Please invest in yourself and your baby to ensure that you both get the birth you're looking for.

You can buy tickets on Eventbrite below

Link: Link to tickets

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