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originally published: May, 2019

harborne physio & acupuncture news
Pelvic Health in Elite Sport : Myth busting with Lisa Hastie

Pelvic Health in Elite Sport : Myth busting with Lisa Hastie

Another big week for us as we one of our top pelvic floor physios Lisa Hastie is of to Lilleshall to do some work with the English Institute of Sport . She is presenting to some of the elite female athlete coaches about pelvic floor dysfunction in gymastics and trampolining. Gerard and her met the elite sports physios there a few weeks ago and it was great to find out what they did, what the athletes did and how we in Barefoot could help them with the expert pelvic health work we do in sport. Helped with the super Georgina we recorded a short video in Barefoot last week to demonstrate what Lisa and her brilliant colleagues do in elite female sporting pelvic floor dysfunction. We also did some Myth busting and highlighted that Lisa and colleagues use a lot of abdominal ultrasound scanning to examine the pelvic floor and improve it's function and also emphasing that in all of our young females we do NO internal work and on most of our elite sporting females we do very little internal work. We have also developed a new short form questionaire that elite sports physios and coaches can do to pick up athletes who may have pelvic floor problems and get them seen by us. We have also worked on a pelvic floor in elite female sport clinical pathway which will ensure problem are picked up and seen by the most appropriate person. It's great to work with some brilliant people in EIS.

Link: What do pelvic health physios do in elite female sport

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