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originally published: February, 2020

harborne physio & acupuncture news
Men's Health Teaching for American Physical Therapy Association ; Denver 11 Feb 2020

Men's Health Teaching for American Physical Therapy Association ; Denver 11 Feb 2020

Huge honour for the clinic in that Gerard is currently in Denver Collorado teaching a pre-conference course on Men's Health Physiotherapy for The American Physical Therapy Association at their 2020 conference. This is one of the world's biggest Physiotherapy conferences with approx 20000 delegates. Gerard is teaching with his good friend and colleauge Dr Joanne Millios from Perth in Australia. They are delivering a course to 50 USA physios. Jo will focus on the post prostate cancer pelvic floor and Gerard is teaching on male pelvic pain to also include athletic pelvic pain and also hard flaccid syndrome. Gerard will also draw on his experiences of his amazing pelvic pain patients seen in the clinics in Birmingham speaking about and demonstrating what they do in the clinics here. Gerard and Jo are also speaking at the confernce and will present to about 500 delegates also. To really bring both sessions to life and into the clinic they will be using the Prometeus portable Ultrasound units to demonstrate how you can assess and treat the pelvic floor by observing it from lower abdominal ulstrasound scanning. This is really looking "inside but staying outside " . Gerard will also be demonstrating what he does with the EZ Magic internal wands for male pelvic pain as this allows lots of our male pelvic patients to self treat and really take control of their condition and symptoms. Gerard will also be highlighting how we get our brilliant patients to write blogs for us to help support other men and help them find help.  It's also exciting there is a big conference programme on pelvic health and especially the use of dry needling for both male and female pelvic pain. Another unique aspect of the APTA conference is that it attracts so many different pelvic floor physios and Gerard will be spending time seeing what they do in their clinics or academic institutes which will help us here in Birmngham and also on our programmes in Coventry University. It's also great to have pelvic health Royalty like Dr Ramona Horton helping us run the Ultrasound sessions, Dr Carina Ciracusa organising our course and many many other leading international pelvic health physios. Expect lots more Instagram activity when Gerard is home also as he will be catching up with Jeanice Mitchell who is a massive instagram influencer with " Mypelvicfloormuscles". He will also be meeting some of the MAPP team from the University of Southern California who are part of  the world's leading pelvic pain research team. It's also great to meet some new male physios who work in male pelvic health and brilliant that USA reknowned PT such as Jake Bartholomy from Seattle who works with Holly Tanner ( pelvic health tutor ) and Daniel Kirages from USC. Pelvic health social events have been planned also. 




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