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originally published: November, 2020

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Our Harborne Physio clinic is staying open during Lockdown number 2

Our Harborne Physio clinic is staying open during Lockdown number 2

Our physio clinic at Barefoot Harborne will be staying open over this lock down period and continuing to offer face to face physiotherapy to our patients. We will still also offer online appointments to those patients we see from abroad, those who live further away in the UK or those who are shielding.

As we have done since August 2020 we will continue our current COVID secure procedures and many of our patients have commented how at ease they feel in our clinic at Barefoot.

We have also been pro-active in supporting other clinics in the UK during this time through working with the UK private practice Physio organisation and we will continue to support our fellow physio colleagues.

Big thx to all of our patients and all of those who support the clinic and the brilliant people I get to work with. My thoughts are with those brilliant businesses in Harborne & the wider West Midlands area who will have to close their doors. We will support each other and get through this as a strong community and COVID19 will not define us. Big thx also to one of our wonderful patients who hand delivered some amazing cakes today as a Thank you. They came at the right time

Gerard & Team

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