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originally published: October, 2021

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Helping breast feeding mothers with specialist post-natal physiotherapy:

Helping breast feeding mothers with specialist post-natal physiotherapy:

Miriam, Emma, and Alina are our specialist physiotherapists who deliver this unique service to mums in the Birmingham and West Midlands area.


How can physiotherapy help with breast feeding and lactation?

This is one of the few clinics in UK to offering specialist physiotherapy treatment for breastfeeding and lactation. We already help women in all aspects of life, from pregnancy to help to preparation for delivery, rehab of pelvic floor after delivery and returning to activities and now we can help with the breast-feeding journey. Breastfeeding can be a wonderful but challenging experience all at the same time. In our post-natal physiotherapy clinic, we have a strong physio team and the equipment to support you with the challenges of breast feeding.


We treat mums with conditions such as:

Cracked Nipples: Nipple and breast pain — figuring out the cause; helping to resolve the pain quickly

Mastitis and infection — treating effectively and quickly with the painless K-Laser and Ultrasound therapy

Breast engorgement, blocked milk ducts, or leaking — using ultrasound and other effective treatments.

Positioning and attachment techniques to make breastfeeding easier

We are here to support you and help you to enjoy your journey of breastfeeding.


What will the Specialist Physiotherapist Do?

Miriam, Emma, and Alina are trained specially to be able to assess your breast, understand what the cause is and select the right treatment option for your specific needs. They may use Ultrasound, Laser, Taping, massage techniques and lots of useful advice to help you to recover quickly.


What if I have postnatal back pain and problem with breast feeding, can I have treatment for both?

Yes, on initial consultation you will talk with your specialist physio about the things that bother you the most and they will be able to help with this.


Link: Book to see Miriam, Alina or Emma via our online booking

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