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originally published: January, 2017

harborne physio & acupuncture news
We can help: Pregnancy , Post Natal & Women's Health & Male Pelvic Health

Fiona, Lisa & Gerard are now almost fully booked in The Specialist Pelvic health clinic. Read on to find out what amazing work we do.

We are rapidly building a very very busy Pregnancy , Post Natal & Women's Clinic. In Fiona & Lisa we have 2 leading UK Physios in these areas. The Mummy MOT is becomming a real buzz around Harborne, Edgbaston & Birmingham where Fiona does 6 week + MOTs. Once post natal always post natal as we say so it's never too late to be seen. We are one of the few UK private physio clinics to use Ultrasound Imagaing in the assessment and treatment of our female pelvic patients especially for those post natal tummy gaps. We now see female pelvic pain patients from all over the UK and Fiona and Lisa are really changing lives with the work they do. Gerard is also involved in a big Pelvic pain patient education podcast with Dr Ruth Jones and the UK Pelvic Pain Support Network. Our new Colorectal Physio service is flourishing with Lisa seeing some complex bowel patients, yet again life chnaging work. We are also standing out with our men's health work that Gerard is pioneering seeing Male pelvic pain patients, men post prostate cancer with incontinence and young elite and weekend warriors with pelvic pain. Gerard is fortunate to work with world leading expert Dr Ruth Jones every week in her Southampton clinic and has also started teaching alongside her. They will present together in Cape Town in July. Next up for us is presenting at St George's Park to The FA Physios and English Institute Sport Physios on pelvic floor Dysfunction in elite sport in Jan. In the clinic we are continuing to launch our bed wetting, kids incontinence & consipation clinic. If you treat a child for this you help a household. If we can help you, your loved one, parent, child or friend or colleague get in touch. We love the work we do and get so much back from our patients. 

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