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A: Harborne Physio is deeply invested in Formthotics. For many, embracing Formthotics has proven to be an incredibly satisfactory, elemental, life-changing step.
what harborne physiotherapy and acupuncture specialist Formthotics clinic can offer you:
  • The musculoskeletal clients we work with are seeing a real benefit from Formthotic, orthotic insoles.
  • Additionally those the sports and lower limb presentations and also those with complex pelvic pain, post natal conditions and the active elderly can all benefit from the use of formthotics.
  • Keeping people moving is our goal and Formthotics helps with this.
why have we set up a Formthotics insole fitting clinic?
We are constantly brainstorming in the clinic and asking our physios, patients, referring physios how can we improve what we are doing. Our formthotics insole clinic has come from those chats and discussions. In the musculoskeletal patients we are seeing a real role for formthotics in addition to the sports and lower limb presentations and also those with complex pelvic pain, Post natal conditions and the active elderly. We think creatively as to how we can further help our patients . Our patients are also reassured that they are seeing someone in-house that we trust and that we have recommended.

why have we selected the Formthotics insole brand?
Formthotics sits will with our ethos of getting patients active , keeping them active and encouraging them to be a big part of their rehab. Our patients trust us to help them and getting their orthotics with us is a better option than them having to go to someone new which may also take a lot of time. Patients are also surprised how economical it is and that by using the formthotics they will need less Physio sessions and have to travel to see us much less. Keeping people moving is our goal and formthotics helps with this. Many of our patients travel up to 2 – 3 hours to see us.

in what ways have our patients found Formthotics insoles to be helpful for their feet and overall wellbeing?
The key difference with formthotics insoles is they are comfortable to wear in a range of footwear from work footwear to trainers to ski boots to cycling shoes. We have even fitted a bespoke pair to a speed skater. They are also low cost so the patient doesn’t need to spend large sums of money on the devices. The group that has most surprised us is the active elderly where it has helped keep them active with sports and leisure activities.

how have our physios and patients been responding to the Formthotic insoles? We lost our brilliant podiatrist several years ago due to relocating their clinic. Since then, we have struggled to source an alternate orthotic provision locally. We have often rang colleagues to see if they can see a patient for us but hear nothing back as they are just too busy. We had a clinical need that wasn’t being fulfilled for our patients and clients so we had to set this service up. Now we get other physios, chiros and sports therapists sending us their patients for formthotic insoles as they know they will be seen quickly and we will send them back to them for all their other clinical needs. We are a clinic that gets a lot of patients referred to us for pelvic health conditions so we have a strong working relationship with lots of other clinics and we firmly believe we are all stronger together.

our Formthotics lead clinician is John O'Regan
John O'Regan is a specialist musculoskeletal physiotherapist and podiatrist who has a unique skill set. Not only is John highly skilled in prescribing orthotics and lower limb and spinal assessment he knows podiatry and chiropody also. John is one of Formthotic’s top European tutors and has taught widely on formthotics in the UK, Germany and many other countries. He also consults with formthotics on product development and training. Although based in New Zeland when formthotics want a top clinician they call John. He has trained hundreds of clinicians to use formthotics and having that experience in the clinic is key for us and our patients. We only want the best people looking after each of our patients.

what’s the difference between Formthotics and other insoles?
Formthotics are comfortable and easy to wear which is obviously important as they go in your footwear whereas many insoles are difficult to use. High quality and mouldable to your footwear they are long lasting usually several years. High quality but low cost and the cost of assessment, fitting, formthotics insoles and follow up appointment is approximately £130.

how can I be seen?
Simply give us a ring or drop us an email and we can discuss your needs with you if you haven’t already seen us. Apart from our patients we see lots of people just for formthotics and many of our physio and chiropractic colleagues send their patients to us for formthotics. We have built a strong relationship with many clinics in the UK and they trust us to take great care of their patients and clients.