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our expertise:

Miriam, Emma, and Alina are our specialist physiotherapists who deliver this unique service to mums in the Birmingham and West Midlands area.
How can physiotherapy help with breast feeding and lactation
This is one of the few clinics in the UK offering specialist physiotherapy treatment for breastfeeding and lactation support. We already help women in all aspects of life, from pregnancy through to preparation for delivery, pelvic floor rehab after delivery and returning to everyday activities, and now we can help with your breastfeeding journey. Breastfeeding can be a wonderful but challenging experience all at the same time. In our post-natal physiotherapy clinic, we have a strong physio team and the equipment to support you with the challenges of breastfeeding.

Miriam, Alina, Ellen
we treat mums with conditions such as:
  • Cracked Nipples: Nipple and breast pain — figuring out the cause and helping to resolve the pain quickly
  • Mastitis and infection — treating effectively and quickly with the painless K-Laser and Ultrasound therapy
  • Breast engorgement, blocked milk ducts, or leaking — using ultrasound and other effective treatments.
  • Positioning and attachment — techniques to make breastfeeding easier
  • We are here to support you and help you to enjoy your journey of breastfeeding.
What will the specialist physiotherapist do?
Miriam, Emma, and Alina are trained specially to be able to assess your breast condition, understand what the cause is and select the right treatment option for your specific needs. They may use Ultrasound, Laser, taping, massage techniques and lots of useful advice to help you to recover quickly.

what if I have postnatal back pain and problem with breastfeeding, can I have treatment for both?
Yes, on initial consultation you will talk with your specialist physio about the things that bother you the most and they will be able to help with this.


Mastitis, blocked ducts and how our specialist post-natal Physiotherapists can help
The Healthy flow of breast milk through the ducts is essential to provide sufficient production and provide nutrients to your baby. This is to support their growth and development whilst also allowing your feeding regime to feel more comfortable. This has shown to influence the length of time women choose to continue to feed and promotes bonding between you and your baby.

The small tubes called ducts allow the milk to flow to your nipple. If one of the ducts is not draining properly it can lead to a blocked duct which can cause a small tender lump or swelling in your breast. If this is not relieved, mastitis can occur. This is when the breast becomes further painful and inflamed and a general feeling of being unwell or a fever is present.

Anything that interferes with the flow of milk can lead to blocked ducts.
  • Difficulty latching, can result in engorgement which can cause the milk to thicken within the duct wall
  • Once a duct is blocked it can swell causing compression to the nearby ducts
  • Compression to the breast area such as tight bras or tops and seat belts
How can physiotherapy help?
The good news is that through support through your midwife and specialist postnatal physiotherapist, the comfortable feeling and effective duct flow can be resumed within the first 48 hours by doing self-directed therapies, such as, positioning advice, latching advice, self-massage, and a warm compress.
Therapeutic Ultrasound Therapy
If this does not resolve our Specialist postnatal physiotherapists Miriam, Alina and Emma can help with therapeutic ultrasound. Ultrasound therapy to the breast areas has been shown to reduce swelling and pain. If a blocked duct is treated early enough, specialist post-natal physiotherapy can help relieve the duct and prevent further pain and swelling which can lead to an infection. Your specialist post-natal physio may also offer lactation advice, posture tips, exercises for the duct flow, massage, and taping.

What is important is that mothers can receive further support and alternative management approaches so they can continue their breastfeeding journey. Our specialists can help to improve feeding effectively and comfortably for both the physical and emotional wellbeing of mum and baby.

Having signs of blocked ducts or early stages of mastitis does not mean you need to give up feeding. However, it does mean that it's important you seek help in taking approaches to support healthy breastfeeding throughout your post-natal journey. If you are concerned, please feel free to contact our specialist breast and lactation physiotherapists who are always happy to help. If you do however feel unwell or have a fever and suspect this is infective mastitis, please do contact your GP.


how our specialist post-natal Physiotherapists can help
Sore cracked nipples affect and can stop mums breastfeeding. We have a treatment that provides not only pain relief but also has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. Low level laser therapy (LLLT) can be used to treat all kinds of nipple trauma related to breastfeeding including painful cracked nipples.

Using Laser means using a single laser beam targeted at areas of the nipple that needs healing. As specialist postnatal physiotherapists, Miriam, Alina & Emma are trained to effectively assess where to target this beam to provide the most effective healing and pain relief. Each person is different, and assessments are individual, and the amount of treatment required varies but signs of healing can be seen after just one treatment session.

some of the benefits of this treatment are:
  • Healing painful cracked nipples
  • Quicker return to pain-free breast feeding
  • It speeds up the healing process
  • It doesn’t interfere with breastfeeding
who do we work with?

Suzanne Carney, breast and lactation physio specialist
Suzanne Carney
Suzanne Carney
Suzanne Carney is an Ireland (Mayo) based breast and lactation physio specialist and is regarded as one of the few clinicians internationally who works in this area but also trains postnatal physios and lactation consultants to treat these mums with laser, ultrasound therapy and other treatments. Gerard ran one of the 1st UK based courses for physiotherapists and lactation consultants in this area in 2020 which was attended by 30 + amazing clinicians from UK, Ireland, Singapore, Australia, and other countries. Gerard and the team at Barefoot have forged a strong friendship with Suzanne and she continues to mentor and support us all in the specialist work we do to help mums with their breastfeeding journey.
mom and baby image
The specialist pregnancy and postnatal physios at Barefoot have also forged strong links with the local NCT groups having run several events around the specialist work they do and the Mummy MOT. They also have a reputation for working closely with local midwives, health visitors and the brilliant post-natal trainers who do such great work for Mums. Gerard his team also speak at events in the UK and internationally around pregnancy, post-natal and pelvic health.
Suzanne Carney, breast and lactation physio specialist
Lactation consultants
Lactation Consultants
As the 1st UK clinic to run specialist training for postnatal physiotherapists and lactation consultants they have also built strong trusting links with the lactation consultant community and are excited about some future joint events that will further bridge these two communities of practitioners who do so much to support all our mums.