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meet our amazing physios:

Emma is a brilliant pregnancy, post-natal & women's health physiotherapy specialist
Emma is a brilliant pregnancy, post-natal & women's health physiotherapy specialist who joined the team in August 2020 and she has quickly become valued by the women she looks after in clinic and all of us in Barefoot. Emma also works in Worcester in the NHS and is doing her MSc in Advanced Clinical Practice in Birmingham University.

  Emma is brilliant with seeing mums who are worried about their tummy gaps or diastasis and their tummy or abdominal weakness. She is passionate about seeing mums who are struggling to get back to activity or exercise. She loves seeing mums to be whose pregnancy is being affected by pelvic girdle pain or pubic symphysis problems. As a passionate hands-on therapist, she loves seeing mums after C section to get that tummy and scar sorted out also. Like many of the post-natal physios in the clinic Emma has trained with Maria Elliot (close friend of Gerard’s) on the Mummy MOT programme and helps lots of Mums with this in the clinic.

As a skilled and experienced pelvic health physio she also sees lots of women and many who have not been through pregnancy; with bladder problems, worrying symptoms of prolapse, painful intimacy and pelvic pain. A skilled and sensitive pelvic health physiotherapist and someone who’s skills have made a huge difference to all of her patients.

Emma is also a Pilates instructor and has a lot of expertise in strength and conditioning and uses this with lots of her patients but especially those women who want to get more active and back into exercise from new mums to those women who are post-menopausal and struggling with pelvic floor problems.

Outside of her passion for physiotherapy, Emma enjoys the outdoors life, hiking, keeping active, exploring, and spending quality time with her loved ones.

Emma is another brilliant pelvic health specialist and a strong addition to the clinic.