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Super Administrator and Clinic Manager:

The amazing Hannah brings so much energy, calmness and organisation to the Physiotherapy clinic
Hannah is known to many in the circles of Bluegrass music and Yoga and is an amazing person who brings so much energy, calmness and organisation to the Physiotherapy clinic in Barefoot. Hannah is the person who answers the phone to many patients especially our pelvic health patients who are having a really difficult time and re-assures them that they have come to the right place to get specialist help. Many patients or relatives of patients email us to say how wonderful , helpful , kind and re-assuring Hannah has been.

It was Hannah's unwavering passion for yoga that led her to start working on reception for Barefoot in 2019 and later that same year, she expanded her role to join Gerard and his physio team. In 2020 she graduated as a yoga instructor and is a proud alumnus of the Barefoot YTT programme, having developed much enthusiasm for teaching, learning and sharing the practice of yoga with others.  Hannah is a very experienced Yogi and quickly made the transition from yogi to instructor teaching both in clinic and also online and she is valued both by her yoga students and also her fellow esteemed yoga instructors in Barefoot.

Away from Barefoot, Hannah grew up playing music with her family Bluegrass band 'The Toy Hearts', spending much of her late teens and 20s recording music and extensively touring the States, Europe and the UK.  With loving dedication to singing, song-writing and performing live, Hannah plays country music with her father still, having been named Artist of the Year at the UK Country Music Awards in 2018 following the release of her debut solo album 'Shaken', which she made in Austin, Texas. Hannah is a star and we are blessed to have her with us in the Physio clinic.