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meet our amazing physios:

International musculoskeletal and sports physio specialist
Khalid Althobaiti is our truly well-travelled and international musculoskeletal and sports physio specialist. Khalid trained in Saudi Arabia and travelled to Coventry University (where he met Gerard) to do his MSc in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy. Khalid has a lot of expertise in treating patients with spinal pain (necks and backs), Shoulder and knee problems and anything sports related or soft tissue related. A hands-on physio with specialist skills in manual therapy and soft tissue techniques but also an exercise specialist.

Khalid has a big interest in sports and training related injuries and sporting and gym rehabilitation programs and how to return to activities. A high-level power lifter he is also skilled in analysing and fixing exercises techniques and form. He is excellent and passionate about fixing squatting and deadlifting problems.

He also has a diploma in sports nutrition, and we plan to utilise the skills that Khalid has in Barefoot. He has also worked as a private personal trainer for 2 years helping several clients, depending on their goals - such as weight loss, muscle building and increasing fitness levels, by creating individualised plans for achieving their goals and providing personalised nutrition programs.

A competitive powerlifter with 3-4 years of experience and an ex-bodybuilder, Khalid knows his sports and sports injuries. This is a sports physio who lives sport and know how to get you back to what you enjoy.