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soft tissue specialist physio:

Shannel does all of our Sports Massage. She is a qualified sports therapist and soft tissue therapist but for us she does sports massage. She is amazing.
Shannel Hutchinson is our amazing soft tissue therapist and sports therapist. As a high performance athlete Shannel's insight into the issues our clients can face is invaluable, and Shannel has rapidly become a key part of the team at Barefoot. Always in-demand, Shannel gets the most amazing positive comments for her work from all of her clients and patients.

Who does she see for Soft Tissue work? The answer to that is loads of different people, Shannel is busy with people attending for sports massage from weekend warriors, to zoom warriors? She sees lots of our physio patients who also need specialist soft tissue work and also sees lots of our Mums or mums to be who need that back or neck gently loosened out to help ease things.

Runners, cyclists, cross fitters all get in touch to see Shannel, also and being a sports therapist and athlete herself she is brilliant with sports people.

Some people are good at soft tissue work and some people are gifted and brilliant at it and Shannel is brilliant and gifted. Loved by everyone at Barefoot and her positivity, energy, and enthusiasm spreads through the clinic when she is there. A brilliant addition to the work we do at Barefoot.