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originally published: November, 2019

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Specialist Pelvic Health Physiotherapy and Endometriosis (Tues 7th Jan 2020, 6-9pm )

Specialist Pelvic Health Physiotherapy and Endometriosis (with Birmingham Endometriosis Support Group)

Specialist Pelvic Health Physiotherapy and Endometriosis (with Sundeep Watkins & Gerard Greene)

Birmingham Endometriosis Support Group

Tuesday 7th January 2020 (6-9pm)

Faculty of Health, Education and Life Science, Birmingham City University

Ravensbury 015, Westbourne Road, Edgbaston, B15 3TN ( please check the link below for venue details ) 



The pelvic health physiotherapy clinic is hugely honoured and excited about working Sarahjane and her colleagues in the Birmingham Endometriosis Support group. Please feel free to join us. 

This evening will involve Sundeep doing an interactive 60 min talk on the role of specialist pelvic health physiotherapy and endometriosis where she will also draw on the expertise and experiences of those attending. The aim is to have lots of shared learning and discussion, so we also learn from each other. The second session will be a very practical session where Sundeep & Gerard will do some activities that they use in clinic with patients to achieve some pelvic floor relaxation, better pelvic floor function, spinal and hip movement. They will also go through some practical ways of getting more mobile, stronger and more resilient but in a pelvic floor safe way. You will also be able to see what is going on with your pelvic floor, is it relaxing? is it working well? through using trans abdominal (tummy) ultrasound imaging that Sundeep, Gerard and their colleagues use on most patients in their clinics. It really is like looking inside but staying outside. The final session will be an open discussion and Q & A session. We hope you will join us.

What we will talk about and discuss:


  • How specialist pelvic health physiotherapy can help with post op recovery
  • What is pelvic pain? What is pudendal neuralgia? What is bladder pain syndrome? and how they can be related to endometriosis
  • Exploring the pelvic floor and what is going on and why strengthening tends to make things worse
  • Pain on intimacy, sexual dysfunction and how these can be addressed
  • Common urinary and bowel symptoms and how these are related and how to address them
  • The role of stress and anxiety on pelvic floor function and pain
  • How your back, hips and abdominals are also important and getting them back working better.
  • Role of exercise, relaxation, nutrition and self-care
  • Signposting of resources and how to find a pelvic health Physiotherapy specialist who understands endometriosis

What Sundeep & Gerard will do in the practical session: (try and wear some loose clothes)

  • Looking at your pelvic floor with abdominal ultrasound imaging: Looking inside but staying outside
  • Working out is your pelvic floor working well, is it overactive, is it not working as it should and why or is it weak?
  • Pelvic Floor relaxation and movement
  • Pelvic floor activation
  • Spine and hip movement
  • Getting stronger, mobile and more resilient
  • Relaxation, mindfulness, self-care, switching off & making time for you


Q & A and discussion

A group discussion on key questions raised by the group and those via social media who are unable to join us.


More about us

Sundeep Watkins is an experienced pelvic health and musculoskeletal physiotherapist who combines her clinical work in Solihull with working as an Assistant Professor of Physiotherapy in Coventry University. She is one of the few UK Physiotherapists to have a special interest in endometriosis and has previously done an online Q & A webinar for Endometriosis UK and has done several features for BBC radio on the role of pelvic health physiotherapy. She shares Gerard’s passion for pelvic health physiotherapy, and they are both strong advocates for women getting access to high quality information and evidence-based care. They and their other colleagues in the Birmingham Pelvic Health physiotherapy clinics are also heavily involved in the training of other physiotherapists in pelvic health both in the UK and abroad to include Japan, South Africa & USA.

Twitter: @womenshealthfb

Insta : harbornept



Link: Birmingham Endometriosis Support Group

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