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harborne physiotherapy:

A: We're working together with consultant gynaecologist and ThermiVa treatment specialist, Miss Poonam Pradhan and the MUMS team to deliver Specialist Pregnancy, Post Natal & Women’s Health Physiotherapy
harborne physio @ MUMS Solihull
With locations in Harborne, Kings Heath and now MUMS Clinic in Solihull, the Birmingham Pregnancy, Post Natal & Women’s Health Physiotherapists are UK leaders in the provision of specialist physiotherapy.

At MUMS the focus is on pelvic girdle pain, ensuring all of our special mums get to enjoy their pregnancy as much as possible.

They will also deliver the Mummy MOT focusing on post- natal tummy gaps (rectus diastasis), post-natal low back pain & pelvic girdle pain, urinary incontinence and also helping our mums get back to sport and exercise and normal living.

Our specialist physios also have expertise in prolapse, endometriosis, female pelvic pain, vulvodynia, urinary dysfunction, bowel dysfunction and peri and post-menopausal pelvic floor dysfunction. They also have a special interest in athletic pelvic floor dysfunction and typically see a range of women from elite sport athletes to weekend warriors.

Why are the physio specialists at MUMS clinic different?
In addition to treating big numbers of specialist patients they also have a UK and international reputation for presenting at conferences and training other physiotherapists and clinicians. See what all of our physios can do for you here. To make an appointment click on www.harbornephysio.co.uk/appointments.php

harborne physio @ MUMS features Sundeep and Gerard

Sundeep Watkins
An award winning UK pregnancy, post-natal & women’s health Physiotherapist Sundeep has considerable experience in pelvic girdle pain, post-natal rehab and is one of the few UK physios to specialise in endometriosis, female pelvic pain and menopause related pelvic floor dysfunction. Sundeep has worked with the UK Endometriosis organisation, is an experienced educator and has featured on BBC in relation to pelvic floor dysfunction. Sundeep is one of the few UK physios using ultrasound imaging in the treatment of pelvic floor dysfunction and tummy gaps allowing her to “see what’s going on internally but from the outside”. Being a mum of 2 young children and living in the Warwickshire area Sundeep has a great insight into the challenges and joys that motherhood brings. In seeing Sundeep you are seeing a specialist. To make an appointment with Sundeep click on www.harbornephysio.co.uk/appointments.php

Gerard Greene
Gerard has built one of the few UK based specialist pregnancy, post-natal and women’s health clinics building a team of 8 specialists in West Midlands. In addition to delivering the Mummy MOT he is a faculty member teaching on the programme with Maria Elliot in London. He has a particular interest in pelvic girdle pain and is involved in the training of other physios in the treatment of this condition. From his extensive sports and musculoskeletal background Gerard has a strong reputation in getting women back exercising post natally and also in assessing and treating female athletic pelvic pain. Gerard has helped pioneer the use of ultrasound imaging in his clinics especially in looking at the pelvic floor externally and assessing and treating tummy gaps. He has presented and taught widely in pelvic health in UK, Ireland , Turkey , South Africa and is one of the few physios to work with both the Japanese Physical Therapy Association and the USA Physical Therapy Association. In seeing Gerard you are seeing a specialist. To make an appointment with Gerard click on www.harbornephysio.co.uk/appointments.php

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